Monday, June 4, 2012

It’s Looking Good . . .

You know when you are watching the news and the reporter accuses someone of a crime but then throws in the word “allegedly” to ensure no legal repercussions? Well, that is what is feels like when waiting for a discharge date from the NICU. All the doctors head nod and say “looks good” or “it should be this week” but they never commit to a date. Doctors are crafty. Especially those doctors who deal with a child’s parent. And I don’t blame them at all. They know we are looking for just a teeny, tiny opening of the door that we can shove the tip of our ballet flats into and slowly pry it open. Because once that foot is in the door not even the strongest, smartest of doctors can shut it.

Last night we stayed at my parents place so Nate and I could get to the hospital super early without waking up Connor (although that kid wakes up early). I was up at 5:45a ready to fight the going home fight with the doctors but poor Nate was not. Turns out the weekend wore him out and he had a fever with no hope of going to the hospital. I know it kills him not to be able to see his boy but he felt horrible. So that leaves me against the doctors. No worries, I was armed with this weekend’s information and ready to sneak out JD if need be.

Being at the hospital at 6:20a is extremely peaceful. The nurses are winding down from their 12 hour shifts (they switch at 7a and 7p), the doctors are slowly getting out of their BMWs with their Starbucks and white coats looking over charts, emails, and x-rays, and the babies are cozy and quiet. I completely understand why Nate has gotten up early everyday for two months. Cuddle time with JD in this serene environment is worth less hours of sleep.

JD had a good night with no events and nice weight gain. After two months and two days JD is now 6lbs 2oz and growing. Premie clothes are being packed up as we bounce between Newborn and 0-3 Months. A bin full of Connor’s 0-3 months clothes does not stop me from wanting to buy everything in the Carters store.

When the doctors rounded Dr. P was not a part of the team. I did not let that stop me as I laid out my game plan for JD:
Yes he had a few events this weekend.
No they were not his fault.
Yes his tube was too high and his bed was flat during his feedings.
No there were no more events after Nate fixed the tube and bed.
Yes we will keep the crib elevated at home.
Yes we have completed all discharge items except for the car seat challenge. 
Yes I brought in the car seat.
No we are not ready for vaccines because I need to talk to my pediatrician about the schedule first.
Yes I know he did not pass the hearing test.
No I am not concerned.
Yes we are ready to take him home.

The doctors actually agreed. Look who is big time around here now (or they were going to say the same things but I beat them to it). The new Fellow on the team said if the tube was in the wrong spot it would no be held against him. Just a few more days of watching him to ensure no more events and he should be ready for H-O-M-E. Picture me squealing in a high-pitched voice YAY, YAY, YAY!

About 15 minutes later Dr. P came in to examine JD. I asked if she had talked to the neonatologist from Sunday then I launched into my doctor speak. Dr. P once again reassured me if his tube was too high it would not be held against him. After rounds, Dr. P would talk to her team to come up with a date for us. AHHHH, the first time a doctor said we could expect a date. I wanted to record it and listen to it over and over. Unfortunately, I left before Dr. P came back in but I expect to have a final game plan tomorrow. Looking forward to every moment with him at home.

Anytime I step out of the room someone I need to talk to usually stops by and disappears prior to my return . . . but not this time. I went out to call Dr. D (the pediatrician) so we could chat about JD’s discharge and when I got back he was just leaving the room. For the 2 months we have been here when I leave him a message he pops up 20 minutes later without hearing my voicemail. What can I say? I told you he was a great pediatrician.

Overall, I left feeling much better than I did this weekend. Gotta admit, I am eager to get James home with us. Alas, another night without out little munchkin snug in his bassinet next to us. Soon, soon, soon . . . 

No new pictures to post so let's compare May 2011 to May 2012. Still smiling we must be doing something right.



  1. Great news! I will be praying that your date SOON!

  2. Sue said he came home today ! [June 7] Woo hoo!
    6 pounds + !! another Woo hoo - Uncle Mick or Uncle Willis whatever we call him says "line backer!"