Meet the Cast

As we decided to write this blog we wanted it to be about the family and not about the doctors so we have decided not to use the doctor’s names. However, we know that might be confusing as we meet with more and more doctors so we have created a “Key” (or "Legend" if you will) below to help keep track of all the doctors.

Dr. G – OBGYN; she has been my doctor for 7 years, she did a fantastic performing my C-Section to deliver Connor plus she is amazingly supportive and comforting

Dr. S – OBGYN; M.D., FACOG (Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists); he specializes in Level 2/3D Ultrasounds

Dr. P – Geneticist; M.D., Ph.D., FACMG (Fellow of the American College of Medical Genetics) 

Dr. GB – Maternity Fetal Medicine; doctor specializing in High Risk babies and deliveries 

Michelle – Maternity Fetal Medicine Ultrasound Technician 

Dr. GT – Pediatric Cardiologist, Children’s Memorial Hospital

Dr. K – Attending Neonatologist (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University) at Children’s Memorial Hospital

Dr. D – Connor’s fantastic pediatrician who will also be JD’s pediatrician   

Lita & Gramps – Jenn’s mom & dad, Lita is short for abuelita meaning “little grandma” in Spanish

Grandma Sue & Grandpa Doug – Nate’s mom & dad

Amy – JD’s primary nurse who not only went to University of Texas but is also from San Antonio. She obviously is well liked by the whole family.

April Rotation of Doctors
Attending: Dr. R – He was there from the beginning and continues to check in on JD after his rotation.

Fellow: Dr. O (a.k.a Dr. Sooner) – Doctor currently in his Fellowship at Children’s Memorial. We feel very comfortable with Dr. O and find it very easy to discuss JD’s progress with him each day. He takes his time with us and stops by just to say hi when we are in the room. Plus, he knows Dr. D very well so once again Team JD is pretty strong. Even after his rotation off JD’s team he checks in with JD at least once a week.

Resident: Dr. H – “Hipster” Resident who wears dope Justin Timberlake Ray Ban reading glasses.

May Rotation of Doctors
Attending: Dr. M -  Not much to say, we saw Dr. M only twice outside of rounds and we are not sure she even looked at JD.

Fellow: Dr. G – Not much interaction with Dr. G but she was friendly

Resident: Dr. N – “Detailed Orientated” Resident who listens to our concerns. She may not have much power but she has helped our cause to getting JD home.

June Rotation of Doctors
Attending: Dr. P – She is direct and to the point which is okay with me as long as she continues to follow our path for discharge.

Resident: Dr. R – Another very organized resident who is keeping us right on track with our discharge timing

Dr. C – Pediatric Surgeon who will be performing JD’s G-Tube surgery