Friday, February 19, 2016

Tips for Surviving a Hospital Stay

Over the past 4 years we have cozied up at the hospital more than a few times. Anything more than one time makes a person an expert (so says the blogs and Google on the World Wide Web). Therefore, as an expert of hospital stays, I feel it is my duty to share tips for surviving. I mean that is what we as humans do now. We share everything because once we do it one time we know more than medical doctors or people who devote their life to research. Not just anyone can handle an overnight (or nights) stay at a hospital. And only the strongest will survive. Warning, some of this may shock you but it is important for the future of our children. Remember, one tiny unhappy moment in a child’s life will most likely ruin them forever.

Tip #1 - Do not post on social media about your child being sick
It is important you stay offline and focus solely on your child’s care. Posting status updates will lead to people saying things like “oh no, poor guy, feel better” which leads to your child thinking they did something wrong and that you are disappointed in their choice to be sick.

Tip #2 - Do not take pictures of your child while sick
It’s an invasion of privacy and only the best pictures of people should be available to the viewing public.

Tip #3 - Do not turn the television on at anytime
As a parent you should only be reading books and playing educational games with your child. If not, there is a chance that child will get addicted to television.

Tip #4 -If you are one of “those” parents and you MUST have the television on make sure it is only kid focused TV
Keep the news off as it can be very upsetting to children and talk shows are just trash so no talk shows.

Tip #5 - During your stay only focus on your child
This is not a vacation for you. Do not read magazines, do not shop online and do not watch TV if your child is awake.

Tip #6 - Do not sleep . . . ever
Make sure you are always awake. A doctor or nurse could walk in at anytime. If they see you are asleep they will assume you sleep at home and no good medical professional will ever allow a child to go home with a parent who sleeps. Ever!

Tip #7 – Do not bring items from home
When a child sees an item from home they will start to associate being sick with that item and therefore they will never feel comfortable at home again and you will have to move.

Tip #8 - Do not get into bed with your child
If the chair next to the bed is uncomfortable  . . . deal with it. You are a parent. You live for your child and nothing else.

Tip #9 – It is VERY important to only eat the healthiest of food
Fruits, vegetables, protein, fresh kale juice, vegan, gluten free, soy free, and dairy free are the only things that should be allowed in your child’s room. If it’s not made with 100% virgin coconut oil mined from coconuts from local farmers it should be thrown out immediately. 

Most Important Tip
Snuggle with your little buddy as much as you can. With no other distractions it is the best time to be cozy with your sick little bug.

Please feel free to use this research in medical papers and thesis dissertations.


  1. nice, Jenn. Your family is lucky, blessed really, to have you!