Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 3 Months

July 2nd marked JD’s 3 month birthday and I LOVE to celebrate each and every month. This day also marked the day JD officially reached his brother’s birth weight. As of Monday, James is weighing in at 7lbs 11oz  . . . and growing. He has slowed down a bit in his growth but those numbers continue to increase so we will take every little ounce. 


After everyone has finished their creating, serving, and eating of their red, white, and blue Pinterest recipes, drinks and crafts please put the prayers in high gear. James’ G-tube surgery has been scheduled for Thursday, July 5th. As of now we do not have an exact time of day so keep the prayers coming all day long. Relative to other surgeries some of the little munchkins get here at Lurie’s this is mild. Yet, it is still a surgery for my little man and we are praying he comes back as happy (and buzzed) as he was after his MRI.

Post surgery they will keep him on IV fluids for at least 24 hours before starting his feeds slowly. We are praying not just for a good surgery but also for a smooth transition with his feeds. It would be tragic to take a step back in growth due to a new feeding method. Fighting is what JD does best so I have no doubt JD will come back ready to eat hamburgers and milkshakes.

Until Thursday we plan to enjoy the heat the best we can with Connor while staying cool in the hospital with JD. Having a toddler when it is 95+ degrees outside is just as challenging as having a toddler during a blustery, cold rainy day. Unless of course you live in the wonderful city of Chicago that has clean, entertaining parks such as Weisman Park. Connor was able to spend all morning running through a much more exciting sprinkler than I ever had growing up.

Be on the look out for some patriotic fun updates from tomorrow’s festivities. Seeing as our boys are not in the same place we are limited to where we can go but we sure do have some fun in mind.

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  1. Thinking of JD today as he had his surgery. I hope everything went well and he is able to tolerate his feeds.