Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stable & Subtle are Good Words

Monday was our second surveillance test, which included a growth check and another biophysical.  

Growth: Continuing right along the 10th percentile; his weight has grown from 1lb8oz 2 weeks ago (Feb. 6) to 2lbs1oz on Monday. YAY! Seems like JD is growing right along with me (unfortunately, I am growing much more than expected; guess all my feel good baking is adding some extra lbs).

Biophysical: Passed with an 8 out of 8! While his breathing was “subtle” he is a very active little man. Sometimes we have a hard time capturing the pictures we need because he moves too much. The positive news, he is moving, his tone/flexing look good, amniotic fluid is perfect, and his breathing contractions are small but they count.

Overall, things are stable and progressing right along. They still see fluid on both sides of the lungs but it has not grown. He is active, he is growing, and he is fighting. With each week we make it closer to our goal of delivering at full term as long as he stays on the 10th percentile curve. We continue to have faith our little man will grow and stay active all the way until the end.


  1. 8 out of 8?? Not surprised anymore. Always knew JD would be a champ...just like Mom and Dad.