Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day, Great Weather, Short Blog . . . all good things

Today is Leap Day and the weather in Chicago is close to 60 DEGREES! Good weather usually means good things and today’s weather is no different. We had another Fetal ECHO this morning at Prentice and the cardiologist was very pleased with the results. The heart looks strong, all the connections are pumping, and there is no fluid around the heart or belly. The Plural Effusions look good, maybe even better, although doctors are very quick to use the words “from what I can tell” or “it seems like” rather than giving an exact answer. I have to say, I don’t blame them.

We also had our weekly Biophysical and once again our little James Douglas passed with a strong 8!!!!! The breathing (while it still took a few moments to see) was much easier to watch this time around. The appointment was short and short seems to be good.

Compared to our first “surveillance” appointment the doctors seem much more relaxed with each meeting. We will continue to have growth checks every two weeks and a Biophysical every week. However, the cardiologist does not need to see us again for 4 weeks. YAY!

Tomorrow we meet with the neonatal team at Prentice, as they will be our BFFs as soon as JD is born. Do you think I should bake them some cookies so they like us?

Short blogs seem to be good, here is hoping for more short blogs in the future.  


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  1. Wonderful, wonderful news! I so look forward to new blog posts. Kisses to the two of you and Connor and pat JD for me!