Friday, March 9, 2012

Grow Munchkin Grow

Neonatal Team:
Nate and I met with Dr. K from the neonatal team at Prentice on Thursday, 3/1 to discuss the plan for JD’s day of birth. The Neonatal Team consists of the doctors who watch over the little munchkins who need extra care immediately after birth. Anyone who has ever had a baby in the NICU will be very familiar with the neonatal doctors.

These doctors work between both Prentice and Children’s Memorial so they will get to know JD at Prentice then continue to be a part of his care at Children’s. It may not be the same doctors but the overall team works across both hospitals hopefully keeping things consistent.

Biophysical & Growth Check:
On Monday, 3/5 we had another biophysical and growth check. The ultrasound tech was different from our previous appointments. At first we were a little concerned, as we really want consistency, however, after a few minutes we were very comfortable with this tech. This was the same tech we had for our amnio and she was the one who told us we were having a little boy. She explained each picture she was taking and she played around with the 3D ultrasound so we got some great pictures.

JD received another 8 out of 8 for his biophysical meaning his vitals are looking good. But that was not even the best news . . . the Plural Effusions have decreased. YAY!!!!!! Both sides look much better. Nate and I have seen enough ultrasounds to actually notice the decrease before it was confirmed by Dr. GB. There is a chance they may start asking us to do our own ultrasounds we are that good. I am pretty sure a media career translates to radiology seamlessly.

While most of this appointment was good news we still have a long way to go. JD did not grow as much as he should have over the past two weeks. Two weeks ago he was 2lbs 1oz and on Monday he was only 2lbs 5oz meaning he only had one week of growth instead of two weeks. Despite the fact he has fallen off the 10th percentile Dr. GB was not overly concerned as there was still some growth plus good vitals. This slight change means the surveillance is even more important.

Our next steps really depend on JD. If he continues to grow we will continue to move towards a delivery date around 38 weeks. However, if his growth slows down or he stops growing all together we will have a new path follow. Without getting into the details it will include a round of steroids to help prepare his organs for a premature delivery. The doctors do not seem too concerned about this but Nate and I do not want to take this path. Please pray for JD to keep growing at a significant rate all the way through birth. We just know in our hearts that he will be much better off the longer he has to “cook.” Connor took an extra two weeks and he turned out pretty darn great. Besides, I am a fabulous hostess so I think JD would like to stay a little longer.

We have another biophysical next week then a growth check in two weeks. JD continues to move and kick endlessly. At night I have a cup of tea and put it on my growing bump to watch it move around. It is pretty hilarious to watch.

We have also become a part of the Wolf-Hirschhorn community by posting our story on the WHS website. If you have a moment check it out:

Thank you for your continuous support and prayers. 

 While it is hard to see after it was scanned into the computer here is a picture of JD smiling all comfy and cozy.


  1. Strength and growth for JD, love and support for mom and dad.

  2. Did I forget to write and tell you that I read the post and look forward to the updates? I did forget. I love JD's picture and little face. I will see you soon. Hugs and kisses to all. Love, Aunt Katie

  3. Love seeing his cute little face!! There are a couple nurses at Prentices' NICU that I just love. If you are able to request them... ask for Katie and Lisa! they are amazing and so great to be around. Thanks for sharing your story as always. Can't wait to meet JD!