Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Heart

Quick little update from our cardiologist appointment on Thursday, 3/22: Everything looks good!

·      Plural Effusions are significantly better than before
o   Continues to see no cardiac reason for the Plural Effusions
·      Heart Rate is around 125 which is within normal limits
·      Timing measurements for both ventricles look great
·      Continues to be a possible ASD but does not seem to be something to worry about right away
·      No fluid in the belly or around the heart
·      Arteries are small but symmetrical which is important
·      All connections look good

At this point Dr. GT does not need to see us again before JD is born. She will do an echo after his is born before his surgery but she sees no reason for there to be any heart related issues at birth.

Like we have said many times, this kid has heart and he proves it to us each day. His movement has even picked up over the weekend so he is telling us to enjoy the nice weather and our final 4 weeks.

Our next Biophysical is on Monday at which time we fully expect to receive an 8 out of 8. And I personally hope we do not have the Pinky Tech as I am not big on water torture on Mondays.


  1. Great news for me to go to bed with. Love you guys!

  2. This is a great report! Let us all know how today went!

  3. Great news! I am hoping you did not have the Pinky Tech today!