Thursday, March 29, 2012

Big Brother, Little Brother

Big Brother
Today started off fantastic with Connor’s 18-month check-up. This kid continues to amaze me as becomes more like a little man each day. When we walked into the exam room he was very skeptical at first but got more comfortable as time went on and ended up dominating the visit. Seriously, Connor is going to be the best big brother to JD as we watch him grow everyday. Oh and if you are keeping track Connor is 35” (90th percentile for height) and 27lbs, 7oz (just under 75th for weight) and ready to be a Tight End, according to his Dad.

Little Brother
Our doctor’s visit was even more rewarding when talking with Dr. D, the pediatrician, about JD. We assumed with a special needs child we would be looking for a specialized pediatrician for JD yet it turns out Dr. D is still our guy. Dr. D said he did not know about WHS but he will become the expert in Chicago and he would be honored to continue to be the family pediatrician for both boys. This made my day because we trust him with Connor (and he is the pediatrician for many of our friends) and now we know we are in good hands with JD. He works with other special needs families and knows the doctor’s at Children’s very well. When looking for a pediatrician for JD we need someone who can be the “General Contractor” as Dr. D calls it. Thank you Dr. D for making these next few weeks a little easier knowing you are part of Team JD.

In the afternoon, while Auntie Jill was watching Connor (big thank you Jill for spending time with our big man) we had another Biophysical. And yet again we received another 8 out of 8. We are 35 weeks today and JD is enjoying his stay. Today’s appointment was the fastest ever. Despite our request for the same tech, we had a brand new tech but it worked out just fine. The first 2 points we received were for breathing within the first minute. YAHOO! The kid is getting the hang of things. The whole test is supposed to take 30 minutes, however, we were done with the test, the pictures, and the Doppler on the umbilical cord within 15 minutes. This tech was good knew exactly what she was doing.  The fluid is still low but no change in the levels so we are good to go.

Growth Check on Monday – this will be a BIG one. JD only grew 3oz at our last growth check so I am guessing  (with no medical support to back me up) that we will need at the very least another 3oz to keep moving forward as planned. Let’s get greedy and ask for at least 5oz to push us even closer to 3lbs.

All in all, Big Brother is doing amazing and Little Brother is getting stronger everyday. I am very blessed to currently have two remarkable boys in my life (Nate and Connor) and another incredible one on the way. Plus, I get to eat sweets again next weekend once Lent is over. I may skip Easter lunch and move straight into Easter dessert. Yum!

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Great news on both boys!

    I am with you on skipping Easter lunch and moving straight to desserts. I will also be hitting Toller's Easter basket picking out some of what I like:-)

  2. What a lucky boys Connor and JD will be to have one another. Blessings all around! xoxo