Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We’ll Take an 8 out of 8

This morning we had our weekly biophysical and it went well as he scored another 8 out of 8. JD kicks all day long stretching out those little legs of his. I believe he is preparing for his big brother’s Lil’s Kickers soccer program that starts tomorrow. It seems JD did not get the memo that babies are suppose to sleep while mom is active b/c he kicks and punches even while I am working out or running after Connor. I think he just wants to prove he can keep up.

Things looked good today. We still have a hard time getting him to breathe for 30 straight seconds but he is breathing a lot which is good. The blood flow in the umbilical cord has increased slightly but that does not seem to be a concern at this time. Once again the best news is the fluid in the lungs has NOT increased and has possibly decreased. We will take it even if it is only a “possibility.”

Overall, today was another good day. Our big appointment is our Growth Check on Monday (3/19) at which time we are hoping for LOTS and LOTS of growth. Until then, we will take all the kicks and we will enjoy watching Connor play on his first soccer team tomorrow.


  1. We will take all the good news you share and say a quick prayer of thanks for another positive outcome. Keep those prayers coming everyone....we know they are working. Love, Aunt Katie

  2. 8 out of 8?? Attaboy! Give Momma a kick for me :)

  3. Great news!! I will be thinking of all of you on Monday. Best of luck. Sending love and support your way.