Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Day Full of Tests

Today we had our second round of Beta shots so I am fully juiced in both legs. Unfortunately, I realized the shots mean competing in the Olympics in August is out of the question. This makes me very sad seeing as I LOVE the Olympics AND I love the British. Oh well, there is always 2016. I guess I will have to watch my bestie Duchess Catherine.

The Shot
During my shot today we needed to do another NST as it turns out the nurse did not say he was reactive yesterday she said nonreactive. They should make those words sound different. Anyway, it was just me, my juiced leg (which we numbed today so the shot was a a little better but not much), the Payton Manning news conference, and my book Water for Elephants for an hour. Turns out Manning is going to the Broncos incase you slept all day and did not hear this important BREAKING NEWS.

Today’s NST was better than yesterday with a little bit more reaction but not enough to satisfy the doctor so up I was sent to the 5th floor for another Biophysical (actually they wheeled me up to which I asked the nurse if it was necessary, she said I could walk if I really wanted to but it was just procedure so I decided not to complain and be wheeled around for the afternoon). Nate was very distraught I was by myself but it was better he was not there doing lots of waiting (my mom wanted to come with me but I said I would be okay on my own little did I know I would be there for 3 hours). The good news is today’s NST was better than Monday’s test and JD is still moving all around.

The Biophysical
Nate and I talked before I went into the Bio and we figured we would get another 6 out of 8 as JD is very stubborn with his breathing. Sure enough the little man did not breath the way he needed to in order to get a full score of 8. He would breath for 15 seconds and stop then 15 seconds again but never the full 30 seconds they need to give us those 2 points. I am sure he is breathing like crazy right now laughing at all the fun he is having. Once again, this is nothing to be overly concerned about but it means we have more surveillance to come.

Movement looks good, heart rate is very consistent and looks good, and tone and reflex look great.

Of course, that was not the end of it. My amniotic fluid was lower today than it has been in the past. While we scored the full 2 points for that section of the Bio it is something that we now need to watch as it was at normal levels yesterday but much lower levels today.  Really, Seriously?!? As Connor would say “Come On” give us a break for just one moment.

I talked to Dr. GB over the phone and she said once again there is nothing pointing us to delivering right now; but we are still in a holding pattern as there are things we still need to watch closely to ensure everything is functioning. So back I go for another Bio to check his breathing and my fluid tomorrow. I worked out today and did not drink enough water so I think maybe that is why my fluid is lower (I do not even know if that affects anything but it makes me feel better). So tonight is all water and green shakes.

Our Feelings
A friend asked me today how I am feeling about this information and I told her, honestly, I feel fine. I am not concerned. It might sound odd, but my “sense” has not kicked in to tell me to be concerned. The moment we walked into our 20-week ultrasound I knew something was off and it was. The morning of our amnio I knew that day would be a good day so I was not concerned and it was a good day. Then on the morning of January 6th, with no knowledge Dr. P would call us that day, I woke up with a terrible feeling. I knew the day would not be a good one and it ended up being a very difficult day. Therefore, until I get that “sense” (which I truly hope I never do) I feel fine and I am not overly concerned. We cannot be upset or concerned every time we hear something we don’t like because it will make the next 5 weeks or months or years very difficult. We intend to stay positive and focus on each day the best we can.

Today I told my cousin, we have been very lucky with the doctors and nurses. No one has ever been doom and gloom with us. They are always positive and just give us the straight facts. While they might not totally understand or know much about Wolf-Hirschhorn they always treat JD like a baby without a chromosome abnormality. We greatly appreciate this approach as we have read many other stories were doctors just dismiss babies with abnormalities. These doctors are following the same protocol as they would any other baby who has a few prenatal health challenges. Now, we are not naive to think all doctors will be this positive and things could very well change once he is born. However, at this point it helps us to stay positive to keep this pregnancy as on track as it would be with a normal, healthy pregnancy. The doctors have NEVER made it sound like he will not make it; they are monitoring him the same way they would with any other baby trying to make sure he is delivered at the healthiest time for JD.

Please stay positive with us and keep the prayers coming. I know I say it all the time but this kid is a fighter and he wants to be healthy for everyone.

Thank you so much for the support we received daily. The simple emails, texts, calls, or comments truly mean the world to us to know we have such a great support system. Everyone asks “what can I do” and my answer is to pray and keep up the positive support. I LOVE hearing from everyone and it is never inconvenient. It really warms my heart each time I hear from any of you. Thank you a thousand times over.


  1. I have to tell you Jen, I LOVE reading your updates. Not only do I love hearing all the good news about JD but your humor, wit and strength brighten my day. The prayers keep coming in full force from our house and we love you guys! Hugs and prayers to all of you! xoxo

    1. Hugs right back at you and your little ones (and your big one Nick as well)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for your support with each post.

  3. First of all, your positive spirit and optimistic attitude is inspiring! Secondly, you are right about JD being a fighter-- all of our kids are fighters; they really are. You and your family have my prayers and continued good thoughts for a healthy pregnancy and happiness now and always. Thanks for the updates~ JD is a lucky boy to have you!! xo

    1. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers and support. It has been great hearing about all the other little ones milestones and we look forward to adding some of our own. I would love to follow Kaylee's milestones as well so I would love to follow her everyday journey as well.

  4. Just want to say again...love you and blessed you are in my life. Oh and the prayers keep coming! Aunt Katie.