Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

As always, if a post is short then it is good news. JD is doing fantastic, obviously!

Each day they bump him up 5ml of milk so we are at 20ml and hoping to keep going. We are optimistic he will get his oxygen tube out in the next day or two (remember he is breathing just fine on his own but this help regulates to ensure his oxygen intake in stable). Removing the oxygen tube will be our next milestone as we can start feeding him by bottle – YAY!

After a few days of losing weight (which is very normal) he gained an ounce last night – Yipee! They weigh him each night and it is the first thing we ask about each morning.

When we first got to the hospital the doctors were in our room about every hour then with each day we started seeing them less and less. The less we see the doctors the less they mess with him, the less they mess with him the more comfortable he is. Yesterday during rounds we discussed a few more tests, which should be a bit easier on him. A few ultrasounds and some labs then we should be good to go for a few days (at least we hope).

Today Nate and I spent Easter morning with Connor (and my parents) watching him have an impromptu Easter egg hunt around Gramps/Lita’s condo. Now whenever he walks into their bedroom he shouts “eggs, eggs, eggs?” In the afternoon we spent time with our littlest man at the hospital helping him open his Easter basket.

In a very strange coincidence, a guy I went to college with had his first little girl on March 24th. She too had a few challenges and had to be taken to Children’s immediately after her birth. While we would never want someone to go through the emotions we are experiencing it is nice to see familiar faces in the hall. We delivered some Easter eggs to their little munchkin this afternoon. Maybe JD will be moved into her room so the can chat at night.

Happy Easter Friends & Family!

I still think he looks like his big brother

Gramps & Lita with their littlest man

The splint is only for the IV which was has been taken out - yay

Small hands with a strong grip

JD's view from Children's Memorial - Hello Chicago

Easter Morning (sorry for my hair - ugh) - wish JD was able to join us in this picture

Love my new hat

Elmo in an egg - Greatest. Day. EVER!

Oh boy, another egg

Happy Easter James, we cannot wait to spend the next holiday with you at home

Happy Easter Baby Blue Eyes


  1. Good Morning to the Gawels! What a happy, sunny post! I love the commentary andd seeing your smiling face along with such a good update is a great way to start the day! Blessings and love, Nia/Aunt Katie

  2. Presh! Love the giant egg!!!!! You guys are taking great pictures.

  3. Where did you find the giant egg?! I have an Elmo fanatic too. She LOVES that lil guy.

    JD looks fantastic! The pic of his little grip on mommy's finger is priceless. Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend.

    keeping up the prayers for the Gawel's! Go team JD! :)

    The Boldens

  4. Sounds like a very blessed Easter!! Can't believe he's almost a week old!

  5. Jen, he looks amazing and that is a huge testament to you and what good care you took of him while he was nestled in your belly. He is just beautiful and I could stare at that close up picture of his beautiful face all day long. Way to go JD! You keep showing them how tough and strong you are. I said a special prayer for JD yesterday at mass, he is a true miracle. Many hugs and lots of love to all three of you!

  6. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful boy!! He is precious! I am a proud mama of a sweet little 3 year old girl, Riley, who has WHS. She is such a rock star and the biggest blessing in our lives (besides her brother, of course!). I am so excited to read more about JD. It sounds like he is quite an awesome little guy. So glad the breathing tube is out and I know you are eagerly waiting for that first bottle, very exciting times! Please send me an email if you have any questions, I would love to help if I can!

  7. You have a beautiful family! The boys are precious!!

  8. great pix. do you use a timer? tears in my eyes, running down my face here!
    Love, Aunt Pat

  9. Oh and Connor in these pix looks a lot like Grandpa Tom!