Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Surgery Update

Remembering back to when Connor was in the NICU it was a flood of information each time we went to see him and he was just being monitored with no issues or concerns at all. Take that and times it by 100 and that is the amount of information we get with JD. When we were pregnant all we wanted was information and now it feels like all we get is new information. We will do our best to keep you updated on the topline “stuff” but this blog would be really boring if we gave you every piece of info. And we know this blog is currently the most entertaining thing you read all day and we want to keep it that way.

First of all, I was discharged – YAY! I have to admit I was nervous when I was being released as Prentice is like a bubble where things are good and positive. People are just a call button away to bring you water and food and blankets with their only job to keep you happy and healthy. Then you leave and you have to do things for yourself – lame! I like the Utopia of being waited on all day and night.

Plus, I was scared to be at Children’s with JD. It was hard to be away but much easier to “hear” updates via Nate rather than hear and see updates first hand. It makes everything real and my “new mother buzz” has worn off. I am now a concerned mother worried about every number or noise associated with JD. Don’t mistake this for a loss of positivity; in fact, now that I get to touch him and chat with him I am even more confident our little man will take on the world.

After I FINALLY got to shower this morning (that one was for you SPP) I took a little nap and headed out to spend time with 2 of my 3 boys (I love saying My Boys). When I arrived at Children’s, JD was still getting his MRI so Nate and I waited and waited and waited. That part was not fun. But the wait came with some really great news . . . after looking at the MRI the neurology team did NOT see a hole in the spine. They even had the pediatric surgical team look at the scans and from what they can tell it is a small skin abnormality but it does not affect the spine. SOOOOOOO  . . . the surgery was CANCELLED!!!!!!!!! At this time, JD does not need surgery on his spine.

Once again, JD just looked the medical community in the eye and “sorry for being awesome.”

We did have a slight setback in breathing as he needed to be “sleepy” for the MRI so they needed to put in a breathing tube which they cannot take out yet as he is not fully breathing on his own again. But his levels are getting better so we are hoping by tomorrow the tube will be out.  Also, he once again needed to be “warmed up” after his MRI as that room is very cold so they have little heat packs on him to get his body temp back up.

Fast-forward a few hours  . . .

His body temp is up enough to allow me to hold him. My first time holding my little boy was precious.  He is my little squiggle worm. Holding him made my day and the long wait (54 hours to be exact) totally worth it.

We still have lots more tests and people coming in to check on him but the nurses are great at explaining everything to us each time someone new comes to take a look. One nurse told us to sleep with a blanket or stuffed animal so JD can cuddle with it and smell us. Tonight, I will be sleeping with Elmo (thank you Slatterys) and Blue the Cordy Roy Dog as well as Nate’s baby blanket which Connor used as a baby.

Tomorrow we have something special planned for JD to wear but you will have to wait and see.

Good Night! 

                                     Little hands

                                         Mom needs some sleep but Big Brother cannot wait to meet JD

       Pacifier is as big as his head and he kinda looks like "He Who Cannot be Named" - HP fans know what I am talking about

                                                     My Angel

                                      Future football watching position

JD Day One and Connor One Day - if you look at the upper lip it is the same and looks just like mommy's did when she was born


  1. Thanks so much for the update! The "he doesn't need spine surgery" news is so awesome!! I can't believe he's taking that pacifier. Quinn refused and I thought it was because she was so little.... Clearly thay's not the reason! I'll be telling her, "if JD can do it, so can you, Q!" BTW, Jen, you look amazing! You too, Nate! But, JD is the cutest one of all :)

  2. Congratulations on the birth of JD~ may this be only of the beginning of a wonderful life together with you and your boys. xo

  3. NOW you are ready to take on the world. Phew. Yes Jenn, you look amazing! Totally know what you mean about the buzz. xoxo

  4. You and your boys are a force to be reckoned with! We are so excited to hear about all of the positive developments, thinking of you and wishing you the best today and everday... You look gorgeous, can't wait for more pics and updates! xoxox

  5. GOOD FOR YOU JD! No surgery! That is awesome news!!!! Oh and Mommy and Daddy too. I am so happy you guys got to hold him! I am sure he is too. He looks so content in your arms.

    I will now call you, the Great Gawels! Way to go guys! :)