Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy One Month

Wednesday, 5/2/12
On Wednesday James turned one month old! Technically, his official due date was May 3rd so we are already a month ahead of the game.

Last week I had grand plans about how his month birthday would go. My vision had me arriving at the hospital with his 1 Month onesie, the sign we made to put above his bed, my camera, and a big smile on my face. However, like with most things in motherhood, it did not go as planned. Get use to it new moms.

I think JD has adjusted to the new room better than Nate and I. The babies are loud and the monitors are loud and the nurses are loud and the space is cramped. When I finally made it to the hospital on Wednesday it was time for his feeding so I got set up to feed him by mouth  . . . then the commotion started. They had a new admission into the room that lead to about 15 people coming into the room to get the baby set up. Every other baby in the room started crying and JD got very uncomfortable. I tried to feed him but he was not having it and I did not want to make it a bad experience so we stopped and I was defeated.

The room just added to the reasons I was upset but mainly I was bummed I was unable to capture the adorable One Month picture that I did with Connor. With JD in the isolate hooked up to the monitor AND an OG tube AND the collar constricting his movements I cannot move him around by myself. All the posed pictures we have of Connor just do not work for JD. The same pictures and moments I took for granted with Connor are now things I long for with JD.

However, every down moment is quickly followed by many more great moments. After my small flash of sadness, I spent the next hour with JD wide wake showing off his ninja and yoga moves. He must have known I was feeling kinda blue because he rapidly made me smile and happy once more.

Reflecting on Wednesday made me realize this is all part of the process of adjusting expectations to our new reality. And that is okay. From day to day the future seems intimidating, yet, once the future becomes the past we appreciate how it was not as difficult as we anticipated. Besides, how can I be sad when I get to snuggle with this everyday! 

Happy One Month

Saturday, 5/5/12
Anyone who is friends with me on Facebook knows I LOVE the Green City Market on Saturday mornings. Spending the morning with my boys in a peaceful utopia at the Lincoln Park farmer’s market is my absolute favorite thing about summer. Connor is old enough now to appreciate the joy in the farmer’s market and we are just weeks away from adding JD to our Saturday morning routine. It makes waking up at 6am on Saturdays totally worth it.

Passing the “jolly” folks dressed in Derby-wear or Mexican hats had Nate and I reminiscing as we headed to the hospital in the afternoon. “Wouldn’t it be nice to join in the overblown day drinking events which happen every weekend in Chicago?” I asked Nate. We laughed knowing we had many years of celebrating made-up day drinking events. Besides, once you move pass day drinking you get to enjoy the Green City Market (it seems to be an unspoken rule you have to have a dog or kid to enjoy the farmer’s market).

We ended the night with pizza from Pequod’s and Sour Patch Kids while watching the Hunger Games (first movie at the theater in about a year). As we walked a mile to find a cab (it was a very busy night) and watched all the “jolly” folks from earlier in the day stumbling home we agreed we would not change our day (or life) for anything. No way did the Cinco and Derby goers have a better day than ours: the morning with Connor at the Green City Market, the afternoon with JD at the hospital, and the evening laughing with each other. I love my boys and I am blessed everyday to enjoy the life I have been given.

Sunday, 5/6/12
JD is fantastic. The kid is growing faster than Nate and I had originally calculated. This week JD continues packing on the pounds; as of today he is 3lbs 12 oz. When looking at his growth we need to monitor it over a week. His weigh-ins each night are slightly subjective as each nurse weighs him in her own way. Nate and I are confident he will be 4lbs by Mother’s Day giving me my best gift of all: JD in an open-air crib.

After a few days of gathering our questions and concerns we finally talked to the new Resident (Dr. N) on our team. She was able to give us some answers as well as compile our thoughts for the new Attending starting on Monday (5/7). Hopefully, by this time next week we will have a clear (or at least kinda clear) plan for getting JD home.

We also chatted with Dr. O (who is no longer on Team JD but is still checking in on us) to ensure the new doctors will continue down the same path. He seemed pleased with JD’s growth and we discussed our feeding options to bring him home. As we get closer we will go into more detail but as of now we know JD will be coming home with a feeding tube of some kind. This is not news to us as we have followed a few other WHS families and almost all of the kids have (or had) tubes. As long as it helps him get his nutrients, stay healthy, grow, and get him home then we will take it.

Once again, our week has ended on a positive note. The room has been much more calm and JD has settled in. The parents of the baby across from JD spend just as much time at the hospital as we do which is nice to have a few familiar faces. The mom and I are conspiring together to ensure our boys are out of the hospital by the end of the month before the move. I think the nurses are nervous.

Hoping to have great updates this week as well as more posts (sorry for the lack of posts this week).

I was able to create a few make shift photo shoots throughout the week and weekend. While it was not exactly what I had planned I was able to adjust and work with a very charming model. Enjoy JD’s One Month photo shoot.

Long, muscular legs

Looking forward to growing into my sticker

Happy One Month James Douglas

Daddy watching JD sleep with his eyes open
Hands in his pockets ready for the first Green City Market of the season


  1. Sending a little package JD's the four of you! Nia

  2. Jen we do need to catch up and have a phone chat. You are doing an amazing job! Keep up the good work, JD is thriving that much more because if your positive attitude! Much love to you all! Xoxo

  3. Happy 1 month, JD! He looks awesome! Growing so well and in an open air crib, he will be home so soon.

  4. Happy 1 month!!! I am so happy JD is doing great. Sending love your way!!

  5. Just catching up on JD! His photo shoot is precious!! Happy 6 1/2 weeks, JD... Xoxo, The Everson Girls