Saturday, May 19, 2012

MTV Cribs NICU Edition

After moving to the big boy crib we wanted to make sure JD was sleeping in style sooooo we pimped it out. Notice the picture of Connor in the crib giving JD the thumbs up, Connor is very happy JD is gaining weight like a champ.

JD's animals watch over him every night

Happy Crosstown Classic Weekend

It is a beautiful weekend in Chicago, with the exception of the protesters currently living next door to us. It smells like the 60s in the streets or how I imagine the 60s would smell. Anyway, JD wanted to celebrate Cubs vs. White Sox by wearing his Cubs outfit. Remember opening day when we could only lay it on him because he was a tiny 3lbs well now he can actually wear it. It may not totally fit him but he deserves to wear it more than some of the actual Cubs players.
"Take me out to the ballgame . . ."

April 5, 2012 - 3lbs
May 18, 2012 - 4lbs 12oz

And of course, JD was dying to show off Aunt Katie/Nia’s special gift. She sure knows how to make our little man smile in style.

Our favorite cub of all

As of Saturday, JD is tipping the scales at 4lbs 13oz. If any one questioned whether or not he would continue to gain weight in the open-air crib JD just proved you wrong – obviously.

JD ready to take on the world outside of the NICU

Nate and I celebrated our 4th anniversary on May 17th with a conversation with the surgeon, homemade tacos (I finally cooked again), Skinny Girl cocktails/beer, a little Connor time, and a little JD time. There is absolutely nothing I would change about the day. I will post more about the medical stuff later but know that JD is, as always, dominating the NICU.

7 years together, 4 years married, 2 incredible boys, 1 magnificent lifetime

 Hope everyone has a marvelous weekend enjoying the gorgeous weather.


  1. Happy Anniversary! I love all the pictures and the weight gain. Thinking of you often.

    side note: on Magnolia's discharge papers from the NICU her awesome doctor wrote, "mom and dad weekly date night". Obviously that does not happen even close to weekly, but we try to find time to spend together alone talking about anything but our kids. That is super hard to do, but I think it is needed. I love that her doctor wrote it down for us!

  2. Nimesh and I love and miss you all. We hope to be able to meet JD sometime this summer!! :)

  3. These pics are amazing. JD is cute as ever. What a great Anniversary day! Lots of love!!